PracMed has been innovating the claims handling space for many years. We were one of the first companies to implement true cloud-based billing software into our processes, back in 2015.  That platform, called PracMed Pulse, remains the cornerstone of our submissions process and enables us to submit claims in real time.
Such dedication to pioneering advances in medical billing & administration methodologies are a testament to our
focus on innovation and offering industry-leading practice administration solutions to our clients.

Although our Pulse software is not offered as a stand-alone product, each client that joins PracMed can benefit from it’s practicality, versatility and functionality on a daily basis:

Need some patient information in theatre? All at hand!

Want a summarised overview of your practice at a glance? Done!

Access your practice info from your smartphone/tablet? Easy!

A 10MB dedicated connection is recommended for best performance.

All software updates are done remotely, so users will receive revisions or updates in real-time with no action required – you are guaranteed to be working on the latest software version at all times.

Our Unique Software Benefits

Introduced in mid-2015, our flagship billing product was launched – PULSE powered by PracMed. Our aim was to create a new, faster and more efficient web-based software platform that could take practice administration and claims recovery to a whole new level.

Our goal was simple – Pulse needed to improve on all aspects of medical administration software available at the time – from data entry and reporting to ease of accessibility through multiple platforms (Windows, Android and IOS devices) and feedback mechanisms.

Not only are the monthly reports auditor compliant (FICA), but the credit control notes section of each claim provides a complete claim follow-up history, eliminating any guess work by means of an up-to-date status of each claim. Some of the unique benefits of PULSE include:


Pulse Express

Your account administrator can effortlessly send patients an SMS or email from within the system without the need for a third party application (such as reminders, confirmations or payment requests).


Pulse Plus

Our in-SMS billing service, a game-changer in SA! Patients can receive their statements via SMS, or a letter of demand and even make direct payment through the SMS to a payment portal. All interactions are recorded on the system – SMS received, opened and paid status!

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