Why Use PracMed?

The focus at PracMed is to ensure that your claims are submitted in real-time and followed up consistently so that cashflow is maximised and bad debt is minimised. Our software makes use of first tier real-time data validation checks in collaboration with our switching partner to minimise instances of rejected claims. Any amendments are identified and corrected immediately, reducing the payment lead time.

Clients receive a process flow visual that shows the real-time claiming processes with corrections and improved income recovery.


Due to the fact that our software has been developed in-house, we are able to cater for a variety of practice billing scenarios with a level of flexibility that cannot be attained through off-the-shelf applications.

Our unique approach means that we make use of dedicated practice account managers who are familiar with your specific discipline with a full working knowledge of applicable codes and procedures – simply, the service that we provide you with is completely tailored to your needs.

Clients have the flexibility to choose between two levels of support:

Level 1: Administered Support

Claims are captured by the practitioner/administrator using the web-based software. Claims are submitted in real-time to the schemes. Once a claim has been captured, an appointed credit controller will begin the credit control process.

Level 2: Comprehensive Support

Practitioner/administrator submits claims to us in a prescribed format which is then captured by our data capture team. Claims can be submitted by email, fax or collected by courier. The credit control process then follows as with Level 1.

Fee Structure

We offer a reasonable and cost-effective solution to your practice management needs. We charge a commission percentage on income collected, not on turnover. This is our incentive to maximise your income in the shortest time possible.

The comprehensive support option is at a slightly higher commission than the administered option, as this entails capturing as well as credit control services. Should you start out on a particular option and decide to change at a later date, this is entirely possible and in keeping with our philosophy of providing a tailored service.

Benefits of Our Service


The software is multidisciplinary so there is no need to run different software applications for group or shared space/complimentary practices.


Cloud-based server software and storage with multi-layered redundancy protocols keeps your data safe at all times.


Full monthly reports are generated – you will always have a finger on the pulse of your business.


Patient care and focus – our service offering alleviates the frustrating, and often cumbersome, administrative follow-up process with the medical schemes.

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