PracMed Pulse picks up where PracMed Pro left off – we have created a faster, more powerful, more user-friendly and comprehensive practice administration tool that remains unparalleled.

Need some patient information in theatre? All at hand!

Want a summarised overview of your practice at a glance? Done!

Want to see what’s happening in your business from your smartphone/tablet? No problem!

The only requirement on the part of the practice is a dedicated, stable and high-speed Internet connection (10 Mbps recommended).

All software updates are done remotely, so all users will receive news of revisions or updates in real-time with no action required – you are guaranteed to be working on the latest software version at all times.

Our Unique Software Benefits

After many years of effective service, our custom developed software, PracMed Pro, has been revised and revamped in line with our customer needs and the ever increasing need for functionality efficiency. We are happy to introduce our latest platform – PULSE powered by PracMed. This is a new, faster and more efficient web-based software platform that takes practice administration to a whole new level. Data entry as well as reporting can be accessed remotely via any Windows, Android and IOS device (Tablet, PC and Smartphone). Some of the benefits include:

Pulse Express: Users can effortlessly send patients an SMS from the system (such as reminders, confirmations or payment requests).

Pulse Plus: An in-SMS billing service – the first of its kind in SA! Patients can receive their statements via SMS, a letter of demand (as required) and even make direct payment from an SMS link to a payment portal. All interactions are recorded on the system – SMS received, opened and paid status!

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